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Executive Board Meeting minutes

January 11, 2017—Attending: Yousef Shulman, John Barber, Tracy Bier and Diane Snell

Guests: Larry Levine, volunteer for Nickelsville and Kelly Lyons, resident at Tiny House Village

Our guests Larry and Kelly, had a copy of the Leschi News from the Douglass-Truth library, and decided to visit and tell us more about the Village on 22nd. Ave. behind the Good Shepherd Church. The Village was mentioned in the article about Sharon Lee, director of LIHI. We were invited to visit and given a notice of their first anniversary dinner on January 31 at the church. Larry also suggested that we work with the Office of Economic Development to solve some of our issues.

Website: Yousef said that Kirsten would be paid for her work on Friday when she trains Diane on the calendar additions and ad placement on the web.

John Barber: The Pearls work party is Saturday, the 21st at the Dearborn streetend. He feels we need to tell our story as a Community Council as he feels that city ccs were dissed in the fall out around the Mayor’s action toward the District Councils. He mentioned all the things we have done towards parks enhancement, safety measures with cross walks, etc.

Tracy Bier expressed an interest in meeting with the Leschi resident who wants to join with us in getting some resolution about traffic issues on Lake Washington Blvd.

Diane: Newsletter deadline is 1/16/17. Renewal letters were sent to all whose dues lapsed in 2013-2015. February program will feature Africa Town (the specific neighborhood around 23rd and Union) and Shelf Life, the oral history project about 23rd/Jackson area.

~Respectfully submitted by Diane Snell

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