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Executive Board meeting minutes

October 12, 2016—Attending: Yousef Shulman, Yuki Igarashi, Amy Fink, John Barber, Jeff Floor and Tracy Bier.

Treasury report

After the rest of the checks from Art Walk are sorted out, Amy will send out this month’s treasury report.

Still waiting on IRS response on EO status. If hasn’t updated by next week Amy will call the IRS Exempt Org. Dept.

There are some questions about current CASC rates. Diane will discuss with CASC when she returns.

Frisbee fundraiser

In light of this weekend’s weather forecast, we may need to call off the game. Jeff and Yuki will decide one hour before the game on go/no-go. All participants will be contacted via email or text to let them know if the game is cancelled. If no email is sent out one hour prior, the game is still on.