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Executive Board meeting minutes

October 12, 2016—Attending: Yousef Shulman, Yuki Igarashi, Amy Fink, John Barber, Jeff Floor and Tracy Bier.

Treasury report

After the rest of the checks from Art Walk are sorted out, Amy will send out this month’s treasury report.

Still waiting on IRS response on EO status. If hasn’t updated by next week Amy will call the IRS Exempt Org. Dept.

There are some questions about current CASC rates. Diane will discuss with CASC when she returns.

Frisbee fundraiser

In light of this weekend’s weather forecast, we may need to call off the game. Jeff and Yuki will decide one hour before the game on go/no-go. All participants will be contacted via email or text to let them know if the game is cancelled. If no email is sent out one hour prior, the game is still on.

We confirmed that game supplies and potluck food are covered.


Reviewed John’s email. John has shared it with Darcy Thompson, steward at Frink Park. Her communication skills and experience are believed to be valuable input for parks as part of the LCC.

John will refine the draft and get it to City Council. Mayor has expressed that he is against it, but 7/9 Council members are believed to be in support. Due to heavy responses against the proposal, the Council vote is postponed until December.

The way the proposal is written, it is expected to push the homeless into the smaller neighborhood parks and scatter them, as parks such as Volunteer Park and Cal Anderson are excluded. Neighborhoods will respond with a narrowed down list of parks they deem appropriate for camping.

There is a lot of concern around this proposal for wide variety of reasons. Some feedback was expressed on the current email to focus more on the fact that parks are not structured or built to withstand the wear and tear of people living in them rather than on assumptions about the homeless campers’ potential activities in the parks.


Received a quote for purchasing a list of new movers to the area, and the cost of purchasing that list + mailing to everyone on that list is more expensive than doing a mailing 1-2x per year to everyone in the neighborhood instead. The list of new movers that would be purchased is only available covering all of 98122 and 98144, which includes a large area outside of Leschi, and we would need to manually sort out the areas ourselves.


Kirsten is working on incorporating our feedback. Yousef will follow up on questions regarding Wix vs. Squarespace or Word Press.


Board approved paying for permits for the Spooktacular event; Diane will work on this when she returns.


Vulcan will be at the November community meeting, and high attendance is expected. Board approved to spend to reserve the larger room at CASC.

Before Someone Dies Project

Momentum has dropped a bit. Expecting callback from Paul McDonough this week. Tracy will continue to work on it.

Land Use Update

Jeff recently met with the group in charge of the mixed use building development project across from the Goodwill near the Dearborn/Rainier S. intersection.

Will have an update tomorrow on Liberty Bank project with Capitol Hill Housing.

Project for creating design guidelines specific to the Central Area is still in progress (note, this is solely part of the Design Review process, which does not address land use and zoning issues).

~Respectfully submitted by Yuki Igarashi

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