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Polishing a Pearl

In September, we moved from stairway cleaning to sprucing up one of the Pearls, our street end parks along the lake. We worked on the Judkins street end, which didn’t look like a park that fronted on the lake when we first got there. Overgrown shrubbery obscured the sightline. Our crew leader, Joyce Moty, recommended cutting the snowberry and Nootka rose to the ground as they spring back quickly.

(Joyce Moty delights in the huge brush pile created by our hard-working crew! Photo courtesy Jeff Floor)

Bindweed was also a problem at this site, weaving its tendrils around the stalks of other plants. The crew of Yousef Shulman, Elizabeth Sanders and her son Aden, Janet Oliver, Diane Morris, Jeff Floor, Jim Snell, Amy Fink and Diane Snell were able to open up the view and create a small mountain of brush for SDOT to pick up. SDOT is responsible for these parks as they are the dead ends of neighborhood streets.

Joyce shared some homemade grape juice with us on a quick break; the grapes are local…an abundant crop from Georgetown. The threatening rain held off for the 2 hours we were there and although we had accomplished much, Joyce felt we could visit this spot again next month. The next work party will be on October 22, one week later than usual due to the scheduled Ultimate Frisbee competition in Leschi Park.

~Diane Snell

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