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Moorage Contract Goes to Foss

On February 8, Paul Wilkinson, Manager of Moorage for the Parks Department, announced they had selected Foss Waterway Management to improve and care for the moorage facilities. Foss has “embraced” the goals of the Project Advisory Team as follows:

  • Maintain public ownership of the moorages

  • Provide safe, accessible and affordable moorage for Seattle residents

  • Protect shoreline habitat

  • Improve public access and community benefit without compromising security

  • Create quality facilities that are competitive in the marketplace

  • Enhance the sailing heritage at Leschi

  • Make moorages self-sustaining for ongoing capital upkeep and maintenance

  • Ensure concessionaire quality with performance measures and regular auditing of the new concessionaire contract

Both Paul and a representative of Foss will attend our April 7th meeting to discuss timelines and to answer any questions.

~Diane Snell

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