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Presidents’ Message

Thank you to everyone who checked their labels and renewed their membership! And a special thanks to those of you who included something extra for our work in the community. And thanks to those who wrote some atta boys, i.e., “Thanks for all you do in the community! “

Now that we are in 2016, it seems like a good time to review the 2015 goals that we set. It’s certainly a mixed bag of success and failure!

We did keep up the stairway work until November; both rain and the fact that SDOT had recently cleaned the Spruce St. stairs forced us to cancel. We will start up again in March.

The Living Wall on the Lake Dell retaining wall became an impossibility as not enough space had been left at the base of the wall to install plants. We will consider other options, but they are significantly more expensive.

No threats to Bus #27 were perceived, but the best way to keep this bus is to ride it, so it’s up to all of us!

Great difficulties finding a date for the annual ArtWalk interfered with plans to have a concert on the pier, but that is still in our plans for this year.