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Mediterranean Express

A $15 order (before tax) will be delivered for free. We went there, parked above QFC free for 30 minutes and ordered take-out, so I won’t bother talking about the ambience (of which there is none). We got the Falafel sandwich (deliciously goopy with tahini sauce) and the Chicken Kabob sandwich (tender, garlicky cubes of chicken). Sandwich means your choice comes wrapped in a warm pita.

I ordered the Greek fries as well, because I keep hearing how terrific they are; I am not all that fond of fries and these fries did not make me a supporter. The fries are sprinkled with some kind of seasoning salt, which looks as though it has paprika in it and the whole dish is sprinkled with crumbled feta and parsley. It’s sort of good, but still fries underneath. There are always too many fries and they don’t reheat well so they tend to become yard waste fodder.

Prices before tax: $17.47; Falafel was $6.49 and Chicken Kebob was $6.99. My husband says the Chicken Gyro is 20 cents cheaper and not as messy to eat. He thinks that is the best lunch deal in town. These sandwiches are filling; at this moment it is 5 hours past lunch and I am still full. Bonus: You won’t have to cook dinner.

Tip: they have Zahri on the menu, which is deep-fried cauliflower with tahini sauce. I have not tried it here, but used to order it as a group appetizer at the old Mediterranean Kitchen, which was at the foot of Queen Anne, when ACT was also there. This is the best cauliflower recipe ever…except for M.F.K. Fisher’s recipe. I fixed the Zahri at home when my grandson was about six, and he pronounced it the best shrimp he had ever eaten. I should write a book on how to keep folks happy as vegetarians!

Mediterranean Express

1417 Broadway (Harvard Market bldg.) 206.860.3989

Eat in, take out or have your order delivered!

~Diane Snell

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