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image of Leschi Park in Seattle, WA

 Welcome to Leschi

We are a small community with more waterfront and open space than many other communities.

The easiest way to describe the location of Leschi is to say it is between the two bridges that cross Lake Washington. The land has been carved by long ago glaciers and there are many steep hills and valleys in lower Leschi while upper Leschi has some breathtaking views of the Lake and Mt. Rainier.


The lakefront area of Leschi is accessed by Metro Bus #27 while upper Leschi has a few more public transportation options: Metro Bus #14 runs on Jackson from Mt. Baker neighborhood to downtown Seattle. Metro Bus #8 runs north along Martin Luther King Jr. Way from Yesler and is the best way to get to Seattle Center from the neighborhood. Bus #3 runs on Cherry St. the northern boundary of the Leschi neighborhood, also to downtown.


Leschi has a small business district with several restaurants along Lake Washington/Lakeside Ave. There is one elementary school, Leschi, on 32nd Ave at the top of the steep, curvy Lake Dell Ave. The other public facility is the Central Area Senior Center, perched on the edge of the cliff with a million dollar view of the lake, the I-90 bridge, the Cascades and Mt. Rainier. The Center is located at 500 30 Ave S. and it is available for rental for events.

Thank you for visiting!




Shulman Memorial Community Meeting

Join us on March 16th at 7pm at the CASC to discuss progress on the Shulman Memorial.

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