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Celebrate Earth Day

Although the official Earth day is April 22, Mother Earth will appreciate whatever you decide to do on whichever day works for you; Leschi has the luxury of 3 options in April.

1. Swimming and lake-lounging season approaches: Volunteer to improve a small patch for all on April 8, 9-noon.

On Saturday April 8, Daniel Collins-Beacon Hill and the Friends of Seattle Street ends (FOSE) invite you to Massachusetts street end (immediately off of Lakeshore Drive, near 7600 Lake Shore Dr) 1 block south of Atlantic, to help us restore the small landscape we have been working on through the Covid months. We have a JobBox of tools, so all we ask is that volunteers have up-to-date vaccinations and closed toe shoes. The effort will include some weeding, mulching, and planting of PNW native plants. I will give a quick tour of the grounds and explain our mission. You can arrive at any time; simply visit if you like. We are also collaborating with community stewards on the restoration of Atlantic Street end so opportunities to participate on this shoreline are looming in the near future.

We recognize that various public street ends were poorly managed in the past or have had a confusion of private owner management of their resources. We want to establish a clear and robust landscape on the water for native habitat and public enjoyment—a pocket park if you will. These events are great ways to build community on public Rights of Way with the support of Seattle SDOT staff and improve shoreline habitat values. Please RSVP with Daniel, local arborist, at

2. Not a gardener? You can still help to improve your community by joining a litter brigade! Chris Tremonte has formed a volunteer group that tackles litter issues once a month. Chris provides both tools and treats foe his workers. The April group will meet at Powell Barnett Park on the 3rd Sunday, April 16 from 10-12pm. For more information, check the website

3. Frink Park work party April 29 from 10-12pm. Meet at end of Yesler (east of the Dreamcatcher). Bring water and dress for weather. Gloves and tools provided.

There is actually a last minute 4th option on Earth Day at 1pm. This is not a work party but a walk-through of the Natural Area. So if you want to celebrate Earth Day but not get your fingers dirty, consider walking through this gem of a park led by our Greenspace chair: John Barber. Just show up at 1pm on April 22!


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