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“Arreguín: Painter from the New World” and “Xicanx Dreamers + Changemakers”

“Arreguín: Painter from the New World” runs July 2 to October 2, 2022

Museum of Northwest Art

121 South First Street, PO Box 969 La Conner, WA 98257


Free admission, Hours: 10am–5pm, everyday

Alfredo Arreguín, “Exuberance Diptych,” 2018, 60x96”, courtesy of the artist.
Alfredo Arreguín, “Exuberance Diptych,” 2018, 60x96”, courtesy of the artist.

The must-see exhibition this summer fits perfectly with a short road trip to a beautiful place. The Museum of Northwest Art is featuring Alfredo Arreguín in a major exhibition curated by our own well-known critic, Matthew Kangas. Arreguín: Painter from the New World opens on July 2 and will be open until October 2, 2022. A retrospective exhibition, it includes 40 works from 1970 to the present and will have a catalog by Kangas, one of our best Northwest critics!

I will quote here from part of my essay on him in Setting Our Hearts on Fire:

“Alfredo Arreguín’s paintings immerse us in a wonderland of jungle and seascape, populated by animals, fish, insects, and birds. But the jungle and its creatures are more than the sum of their parts, they represent nagual, a guardian creature of the spirit world who can transform and lead us to alternative views of the world.

The artist embedded in this wonderland (sometimes almost invisibly), the faces of well-known political activists, writers, poets, friends, and, occasionally, the artist himself. The faces deeply disguised within the vast details of the paintin