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Leschi Market Caters to our Every Needs

For almost 30 years I have enjoyed shopping at Leschi Market but I continue to discover surprises that I thought I should pass on. Yousef and his staff are always so friendly and accommodating—just walking in often gives me a life. And of course, the Ken and Tom’s wine expertise is greatly appreciated as well and the market’s growing organic fruit and vegetable section.

But just this year, when I could not find our family’s favorite breakfast food (Uncle Bob’s Organic Oatmeal), I turned to Shannon to ask if it could be ordered. She explained the challenge that limited shelf space brings to the small building, but offered to custom order me a case! When I excitedly agreed, she ordered it on the spot and it was ready for pick up within a week!

Our other family staples include Leschi bacon, sausages, all their seafood, and their weekend Prime Rib sandwiches with horseradish!

I feel grateful that we can enjoy such a special place in our very own neighborhood.

~Karen Daubert

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