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Happy Retirement to Neighborhood Icon

Hello Leschi!

This month, Leschi Market dedicates the wine column to longtime Leschi resident and Leschi Market Wine Steward, Ed Raftis. Have you ever taken the time to read the colorful descriptors gracing our shelves? That would be Ed’s handiwork! Ed was also a dedicated contributor to the Leschi News for years as well. Many of you have probably enjoyed his prose in some form or another. Mr. Raftis has retired and moved closer to his family in California. Here are some thoughts and words to and about Ed, from coworkers and colleagues from over the years.

*If YOU would like to send Ed a note, we encourage you to do so! Please email: and we’ll make sure he gets each and every one!

~Sincerely, Steve, Ken & the entire Leschi Market Wine Team

“I don’t remember who we were tasting with, but it was a WA producer and Ed’s brutal honesty was so amazingly classic. He makes no bones about bad labels and bad wine!”

~Ben R., Leschi Market