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Seoul Korean Bowl Co.

Chuck’s CD Hop Shop on Tuesdays 5–9pm (notoriously subject to change; check the Internet)

On busy nights, sometimes a food truck is the answer and there is usually one at Chuck’s Hop Shop on Union. It is a way to sample food from other cultures without driving all over town. One such night, we obtained “bowls” from Seoul Korean Bowl Co. There is always white rice to start with and then you have 4 options: Korean Bulgogi (“fire meat”: Thin slices of marinated beef or pork grilled), Spicy Pork, bbq chicken and Fried Tofu. Then you choose from toppings (you may take all if you wish): Sweet Asian Salad, Sweet Corn, Kimchi Cucumber, Pickled radish, Korean Kimchi, and Caramelized Onion. There are 2 additional toppings for an extra $1.50 each: Soy Egg and Cheese Fall. None of us chose these so I can’t explain them.

I had one veggie choice: the tofu and I selected the Sweet Asian Salad and Caramelized Onion for toppings. Husband chose the bbq chicken and Grandson chose the Spicy Pork and all the free toppings. He made the better choice as mine was bland as was the bbq chicken. The bowl is topped with Yum Yum sauce but no spice or heat there either. Tofu is bland and can take a lot of spice which was sadly lacking. We both used hot sauce from the frig to perk it up. Servings are generous; I saved half of mine for lunch the next day.

I was a little disappointed as usually everything we get at a food truck is nicely spiced but then, not knowing what we were doing was an issue. Ambiance? One either takes their food into Chuck’s and orders cider or beer or takes it home to eat in the same old ambiance with a dog looking on hungrily.

Seoul Korean Bowl Co.

Seattle Food Truck: various locations.

253-298-2301, hours vary

~Diane Snell

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