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Molly Moon Ice Cream

The closer you get to Lake Washington, the closer you get to heaven. Except when it comes to ice cream.

The Leschi Market’s splendid new freezer cabinets (installed after an unfortunate encounter with an SUV in the parking lot which wanted to get “up close and personal”) have a broad selection.

But where’s Molly Moon?

Up the hill at 34th & Union, the Teslas are lined up around the block outside the world’s only combined laundromat and ice cream parlor.

We can “Meet the Moon” in Leschi: Why can’t we lick it too?

Molly Moon Ice Cream

1408 34th Ave, 206-324-0753, open 2–10pm daily

~Our Roving Gourmet Malcolm Harker

Looking down on Leschi (but not in a patronizing way)

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