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Golden Wheat Bakery Thanks You!

Some local businesses come and go, but not Golden Wheat! March marks its sixth anniversary at the Cherry St. location (2908 E Cherry). It is not only thriving, but owner Angel Roche has opened a second bakery/café in Mt. Baker on the ridge (1368 31st.)

A self-taught baker, Angel gets rave reviews for his croissants and cinnamon rolls. Breakfast eaters have loved the burritos. And I adore the cakes! Birthdays seem to creep up on me these days and I find it easier to order a chocolate cake (dense and rich) or a Tres Leches cake (light and melt in your mouth) from Golden Wheat.

Angel who maintains that his talent comes from his build, (“I am built like a baker”), wants to thank the neighbors for his success. And we’d like to thank him for choosing the Madrona/Leschi border to open a shop of delectable goodies. If only they would start a daily croissant delivery to arrive the same time as my New York Times, it would be heaven on earth!

~Diane Snell

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