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Executive Board Meeting minutes

October 8, 2018

New Business

Janet: Treasury report: current ad revenue will boost the general fund as well as repayment for ArtWalk expenses once the grant is completed. Janet has not rec’d the requested paperwork for the tree removal in Frink Park.

Janice: Requested ideas for programs for rest of year. Preliminary choices: No meeting in January (this is usual); February: cancel regular meeting and sponsor a wine tasting to benefit the Senior Center on Saturday February 9 (There will be a Valentine’s theme). March: possible talk on Washington suffragists as this is women’s history month. April: the second chapter in emergency preparedness with Madrona folks. May: Annual meeting; celebrate the 2019 Leschi Stars; Leschi Park history. June: invite our State Senator Rebecca Saldana.

Discuss balance of year and what help we might need: Need help erecting the Halloween tent at 3:30 on Oct. 31 and then again at 6pm to take it down. Janice and Trevor offered.

Trevor: Halloween Spooktacular; his family will participate.

John: Urged that we have a voice in the up-coming budgets, esp. Parks which is a 6-year budget.

Three work parties in a row did a lot to conquer the blackberries but he wants to finish the work at the cable car bridge, He will be reporting the assessment of the recent mowing and cutting. He has the moorage folks, a parks employee and a longtime sailor participating in the discussion at the November meeting.

Diane: Nuisance property 1126 29th Ave. S: took concern to EastPAC and discovered that the house is now empty and Wells Fargo is foreclosing mid October. Unable to reach the complainant by phone; letter sent following the meeting. No response.

Newsletter deadline: Oct. 22; postage decrease due to increase in 98144 subscribers helping to meet the minimum number for lower cost bulk mailing; Whiney letter time for those behind in dues; urged the Board to renew so no letter has to be sent to their house!

CANDC meetings: who is the representative? Although this has been discussed previously, no LCC person is attending. Tracy said she would attend and Trevor offered to back her up.

Old Business

Tracy: Upzoning. She feels it was poorly communicated but is hearing that it is not an issue in the single-family zones yet.

Diane: Leschi Diary; asked for feedback on what to include. Several members did not remember receiving the email with the list. Trevor found it in his email and resent to everyone. Some suggestions rec’d but most already in the list. John asked for a summary of Leschi Stars.

What is already written up can be given to appropriate folks to proof and correct. Some events will need to be written.

Some confusion expressed over a recent email from the Dept. of Neighborhoods. Not everyone rec’d it; Janet to send it out. Can discuss next month.

Leschi Star form with added description was approved.

Note: board meetings will commence at 6pm on the Tuesday following the General Meeting.

~Respectfully submitted by Diane Snell

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