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Sugar Cloud

This is the name that our youngest entrepreneur has given to her business of making and selling cotton candy and how appropriate this name is! Just what one thinks of when looking at the miracle of sugar being turned into a dreamy cloud of fine-spun cotton! Look for Sugar Cloud at the seventh ArtWalk and meet our youngest entrepreneur: Sydney.

Sydney starts 7th grade this fall at Seattle Academy and this is NOT her first business. She started out at age 4 with a coffee stand! She moved on to a business selling snacks at her brother’s La Crosse games as Syd’s Lax Snax, baking some of the treats herself. She donated 20% of the profits to the team.

In the 4th grade, she and a friend started a baby-sitting program in the basement with crafts to keep the kids occupied. This was “Tater Tots”! Another business with a friend was S & F Sewing, selling lavender sachets and pillows.

She saved to buy her own cotton candy machine and finds this business the most fun. She loves to see the kids marvel at the “magic” of the sugar spun into an edible product. In addition to community events like the Leschi ArtWalk, Sydney is available to bring her candy making skills to birthday parties and other social events.

She is working on a website and will have business cards for the ArtWalk so do stop by and pick up a card for future reference. Sydney will be 13 in November; what were you doing at age 13? I was baby-sitting! By the way, Sydney just got her baby-sitting certification.

~Diane Snell

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