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President’s Message

June is upon us and sometimes it shocks me how quickly the year is moving and then other times when reflecting on all that has gone on, it seems like a lot of experiences were packed into those moments.

We have had a wonderful month. It was delightful to see new faces at our monthly meeting and we hope more people are compelled to get involved. LCC is a great group of generous, creative and thoughtful volunteers who are passionate about Leschi. Our meeting was a discussion about displacement and an acknowledgment of the first people who stood on this ground. Our facilitator Shanna Crutchfield took all our one-word descriptions of “community” and created a visual found on the next page.

On Thursday, May 10, my company, Keller Williams, celebrated Red Day. This is a day of service where we shut all our offices, domestic and international, and give back to the communities where we work, live and play. The numbers averaged around 65 people who cleared blackberry bushes, weed, installed bark and worked side by side in Leschi Park. Special shout out to Bart Evans, owner of BluWater for providing water and iced tea to our volunteers.

We have a fabulous program June 6 at 7pm at the Central Area Senior Center. Honoring our Leschi Stars is our opportunity to recognize individuals who do so much for our community. This year our stars are:

Henrietta Price, “The Hat Lady,” who has faithfully guided little ones across the school crosswalks for over 30 years,

Steve Mullen of Grocery Outlet, who gives back to the community every day,

Bart Evans, the owner of BluWater Bistro who always provides a selection of appetizers gratis to our various Art Show committee meetings, and

Dr. Michael Bilikas, our generous dentist who provides the huge slide in the park during our Leschi Art Show and the giant tent for our Halloween Spooktacular.

Our guest for this meeting will be Kshama Sawant, District 3 City Council representative. CM Sawant has answered many diverse questions during her previous visits, but we suspect there will be some pointed ones about the head tax and the homelessness crisis this time around.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Merrill Brown

LCC President


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