Are You Ready for the Big One?

April 1, 2018

Seattle Times Science writer, Sandi Doughton, writes about the probability of a 9.0 earthquake in the Pacific Northwest. She imagines what the huge earthquake of 1700 must have been like for the native people living here and it is chilling! Reading this graphic description made me feel ashamed of my pathetic store of gallons of who-knows-how-old-water stored in the storage room with everything from Christmas ornaments to the cache of Leschi CC material that tends to reside at our house. No, I confess I am NOT ready and I need something to light that spark of survival. I probably have a lifetime of dried beans but without water and fuel, they might as well be a collection of seashells.


Thanks to Tracy Bier, our Public Health and Safety Chair, for bringing this overdue program to fruition. With the help of LCC Vice-President, Trevor Menagh, the program will also include Cindi Barker who chairs the program for city communications through neighborhood “hubs.” Communication will not be as easy as it is now with massive disruptions to broadcasting facilities, buckled roads and slides.


Even if you are, like me, ashamed of your meager hoard of survival goods, please plan to attend and learn what can happen and what the city has planned for the aftermath.


April 4 at 7pm, in the Solarium at the Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th Ave S.


~Diane Snell

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May 24, 2020

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