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President’s Message

Hello Leschi Neighbors!

Spring is upon us this month and no doubt we are all ready for sunshine and spring flowers.

As you know, our monthly community meetings are the first Wednesday of each month. March’s meeting will be on Wednesday, March 7th. We have an exciting program planned for you. It pertains to the homeless problem and is called Housing for All.

Watch further as our panel offering insight into diverse community living and the change that comes with it will be our May program.

We encourage your attendance at our monthly meetings, as we serve our community at large and we all benefit from the collective ideas and thoughts a broad perspective offers.

Last month we had a presentation at the meeting from the group who would like to have the LCC support its endeavor to beautify the wall on 31st and Jackson. Many voices were heard with varying degrees of concern, ideas and strategic suggestions. The Board has gone back to the group with the position of support with the caveats of primary support from Leschi and Mt. Baker community committees with veto power. We will keep you apprised of the answer we receive.

Meanwhile, there are upcoming opportunities to get involved in gardening, landscaping and cleanup parties when our weather improves. Dust off your garden gloves and join us.

As we look forward to the new beginnings of this time of year and the renewal opportunities, please consider becoming involved in our lively group. Change begins with us. May the daffodils and tulips light up your gardens.

~Janice Merrill Brown President, Leschi Community Council

A note from a reader:

Thank you so much for keeping up with all the relevant activities in our community and for reporting on them. I really appreciate this publication!

~Mary Jo Watanabe

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