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Member Meeting at the Central

Once a month on the 3rd Wednesday, members gather in the dining room after lunch to get the Senior Center update from Dian Ferguson, Director.

Dian introduced Alexis, a UW researcher, who is surveying the membership with the intent to initiate some programs to address issues such as depression. To take the survey, call Alexis at 206-616-7002 or email

Lately, the update has been about the bureaucratic maze the Facilities Committee must transverse in their efforts to redo the parking lot. Three of the requests need a variance from current regulations: 1. The attempt to cut into the grassy area on the west side of the parking lot to add more parking slots runs into an issue of three feet too little space; 2. The request to move the dumpsters also runs into regulations already in place and 3. There is a regulation that requires that there be 35% slots for “small” cars. Few seniors drive small cars; this is a generation that likes a lot of steel around them as they cruise the dangerous streets!! And Dian says we can’t manage smaller slots without some serious issues of bumping into one another. In addition to the cost rising with each delay, the group was charged $630 for a 2 hour talk! Dian stressed that the parking lot is a safety issue and doesn’t meet ADA regulations. One obvious problem is the existence of only ONE handicapped slot! Dian was told that the building is grandfathered to a greater height and that may be the way to go. Despite all the delays and steadily rising costs, she hopes to get a permit by the fall.

Learning about the height possibilities encourages the hiring of a geo-tech person to assess the ground and the structure and identify what changes could be made.

Sound Generations is hiring a new director; meanwhile Joanne Donahue is acting director The SE Senior Center is disconnecting from Sound Generations.

Dian has some good candidates to interview for the Administrative Manager position. She will interview the second week in March. This position will be responsible for the newsletter, and social media allowing Dian time to write more grants. She reassured the audience that background checks are done on candidates.

Good News! The two fundraising breakfasts brought in the funds needed to order a new Bingo Board (with a nice donation from the Bridge group). Now the Bingo folks hope to be able to sweeten the coffers of the Senior Center with some fun Bingo evenings. Stay tuned!

Sound Generations is hosting the annual Inspire Positive Aging awards. Nominations are due April 20th. There are 5 categories of awards: Community Service, Health & Wellness, Intergenerational impact, Advocacy and Activism and Lifelong Learning. The winners will be honored at an event in June.

~Diane Snell

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