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Leschi Holiday Party

It was a special evening when a string quartet of Garfield students performed at our annual Holiday party. Mari Morikawa, Nicholas Gjording, Marte Borgemann and Nicole Burns played classical music for an hour to an appreciative Leschi audience. We are so fortunate to have Garfield High School and its talented students close to our neighborhood.

Leschi Market sent a sommelier, Lisa, to serve their new private label wine, Leschi Cellars, to complement our table of noshes. Many of you exclaimed about the grapes and one of the cheeses. The grapes were black grapes from Costco. We tried to find the actual name of the Danish white cheddar that had been soaked in red wine before cutting into wedges, even contacting a Danish friend back East, but no luck. The cheese was also from Costco but had little information. Most of the Danish cheeses imported into this country tend to be soft cheeses so the Internet was no help either. We are glad you really liked that cheese and if we ever find out more about it, we will pass that information on!

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