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Fish and Elvis?

After reading Karen Daubert’s glowing review of The Fish Guys, I decided to get my Christmas salmon there. What an experience! One really needs to have at least an hour to spend, as the offerings are much more than fresh fish. There were smoked mussels and smoked black cod. There was an artichoke dip for a last minute contribution to a get-together. There were samples of alder smoked salmon. There are some baked goods from a local place called Patrick’s.

And in addition to all the eats, a band was setting up in the northeast corner of the room and my server handed me a flyer: Seattle’s #1 Elvis impersonator would be making an appearance! Unfortunately this is a busy time of year and we didn’t wait for the performance, but do check out this interesting place! You will find many items you can’t live without!

~Diane Snell

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