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Single Shot: A Stylish and Delicious Hidden Gem

I adore restaurants tucked away in residential areas. There’s nothing better than stumbling upon an establishment that seems out of place. Single Shot is one such find, nestled between apartment buildings on the residential end of Summit Ave E. along with a handful of restaurants and bars.

Its décor is a cross between a glamorous 1920’s ballroom and a high-end hunting lodge. Hard to imagine, but it totally works. The only that works better than the atmosphere is the food.

We had a large group and ordered pretty much everything on the menu and everything we had was a score, but two dishes in particular stood out. With its Carlton Farms Pork Chop, the kitchen accomplished a rare fete—a truly juicy pork chop. Topped with Smoked & Pickled Pearl Onions and Huckleberry Agrodolce it was the perfect balance of savory and sweet. The Fall Beet salad was also a table favorite with unexpected touches such as a Rye Whiskey Gel garnish teasing your taste buds throughout the dish—in fact we order a second, it was that good.

If you fancy going off the beaten path—well, as off the beaten path as you can go in Capitol Hill—your intrepidness will be well rewarded at Single Shot.

Single Shot

611 Summit Ave E., 206-420-2238

Hours: Open Daily 5pm-2AM; Weekend Brunch 10am-2pm

~Staci Smith

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