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Executive Board Meeting minutes

November 6, 2017—Attending: Janice Brown, Trevor Menagh, Diane Snell, Janet Oliver, John Barber, Tracy Bier

Old Business

Logo: Janice wants to postpone this to the new year.

CANDC rep: Janice will attend these meetings.

Racism: No plan at this point

New Business

Janet: Submitted Treasury report and her Snow Bunny plan. Janet leaves the area for warmer climes Nov-February but has her computer with her. Left some checks for Diane in case we have a non-credit card bill.

Janice: Holiday Gala at the Senior Center; agreed that we would sponsor a table for eight.

Janice: Overdue bill from SDOT with huge fine. Bill had long been paid and Janet worked with SDOT employee until she verified she had rec’d our check. Diane confirmed that SDOT has an imperfect accounts payable system. Last year they sent a bill for us to a collection agency but the bill had been paid long before.

Trevor: Established a forum for comments to alleviate community perceived problems that Board actions did not reflect their concerns. Needs to connect to website.

John B: Adam Tycaster taking responsibility for three street end parks: Norman, Charles and Dearborn. John said the new owner at S. Charles is very cooperative. The next work party will be there. No work party in December. A major tree in Leschi Park needs to be replaced; Parks to purchase and plant replacement.

Diane: Newsletter deadline is Nov. 20. Spooktacular was a success despite the late confirmation for tent. Yousef had purchased an inflatable tunnel to connect to a tent door and set up a fog machine. Kids found this spooky and some tried to avoid the fog. Two new residents stopped by and asked if we did this every year! We confirmed this and gave them the current issue of the Leschi News to follow events.