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The Central Cafe

Looking for a delicious and healthy lunch right here in Leschi? The Senior Center serves a complete lunch Monday through Friday from noon to 1pm. and it only costs $5 for anyone age 60 or older. (Under 60, the lunch costs $10.)

The Central Café is located in the dining room of the Central Area Senior Center. Chef Anthony prepares a printed menu for each month. Entrées change daily and are not repeated during the month. If you miss catfish in early May, you’ll have wait until June. With the menu in hand, one can choose which days to attend. Membership is not required.

Among the many delicious offerings: fried chicken wings with black-eyed peas and mustard greens, cornbread and shortcake; seafood lasagna with roasted vegetables, garlic bread and fresh fruit, jambalaya over rice; BBQ pulled pork with sweet potato fries and fruit, Shrimp salad in pita with cheddar broccoli soup and fresh pineapple. Requests for more vegetarian meals have brought forth a current favorite: Spinach salad with Black beans, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes (with choice of two dressings), sourdough roll and melon. Desserts tend to be fresh fruit, a healthy treat that isn’t often duplicated at home. Coffee and tea are available for 50 cents a cup and 2% milk is available. Pitchers of cold water are on each table, as are condiments.

There is another reason to have lunch at the Central. The view is spectacular with the lake, the Cascades and Mt. Rainier!

Central Area Senior Center

500 30th Ave. S

Lunch served daily Monday through Friday, 12-1pm.

~Diane Morris

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