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Executive Board Meeting minutes

April 12, 2017—Attending: Yuki Igarashi, John Barber, Jeff Floor, Janet Oliver, Diane Snell. Minutes: approved by email


Janet is organizing the data she received. She has created a share account on Google so that the deposited checks can be documented in an Excel spreadsheet and checks scanned; both the secretary who deposits the checks and the treasurer have access.


Has not received any calls or emails pertaining to the President and Vice-President Positions. She did receive one email regarding the Restricted Funds Coordinator position, but Janet does not feel that is necessary once the data is organized.


LURC (Land Use Review Committee) will give a HALA (Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda) presentation at the May Meeting, starting at the beginning and working down to the planned changes in our neighborhood. City personnel will not be present; this is a chance to learn what the project means and how it affects our neighborhood. Jeff will provide a brief article describing the meeting for the May Leschi News.

Workshop on the development around the I-90 and Rainier Light Rail Station on 4/26 6-8pm. at the Bouldering Project (900 Poplar Pl S, Seattle, WA 98144)

Ultimate Frisbee

June would be a good time; and Powell Barnett Park is large enough to hold the teams, plus there are places to sit and eat afterward as well as BBQs.


There is no plan at Parks to open our wading pool at Powell Barnett this summer despite the fact that we have one of the most diverse communities. Street tree trimming is being done by Parks along Huron and Lake Washington Blvd. The April streetend work party is geared toward conquering the blackberries at the Dearborn streetend and then adding a heavy layer of mulch to discourage them from coming back. They have been allowed to grow so big that they obscure the view. John would like to see the gravel paths restored. Karen Daubert is now co-chairing the committee and she noted that the 20th anniversary of the String of Pearls is coming up and she would like to celebrate the event. SDOT has been separating the funds rec’d from adjacent homeowners (30 homeowners who have encroachments and pay for this use of public land) in an account which has been used to develop new streetends and the fund is now at a low point. John will provide an article on the goals of the Friends of Streetends for the May Leschi News.


Newsletter deadline for May: April 17

Diane was tasked with drafting a donation policy for the April meeting. The draft was discussed and questions about intangible donations such as stock and bonds will be researched by Yuki. John will look into possible donations of land for pocket parks and what that would entail. Further discussion at June Board meeting.

Yuki is away for both May meetings. Jeff will handle the general meeting and the Board meeting will fall to the secretary in the absence of a Vice-President. The annual meeting is moved to June with elections, Leschi Star awards and community updates.

~Respectfully submitted by Diane Snell

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