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Gumbo Tasting at Leschi Market

After receiving an email tip on this event, I brought my husband to Leschi Market to taste the gumbo for me (I don’t eat meat and was glad to hear that they plan to have a seafood gumbo soon!)

Jim (my spouse) was very complimentary; he likes garlic and he likes spice and this gumbo had both. He was a little disappointed that I had brought him to a tasting as he had misunderstood and thought I was taking him out for a gumbo dinner. But you can serve it at home.

It’s called Glo’s Gumbo. The original recipe was her father’s, but this has been a family favorite for both generations and Glo (Gloria) does the cooking now. Packages of Glo’s Gumbo are in the freezer section of Leschi Market…enjoy! And watch for Seafood Gumbo—I’ll be there!

~Diane Snell

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