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Munching at the Queen Bee

My husband came back from one of his neighborhood & beyond walks one afternoon saying “We have to eat breakfast at this place” and proceeded to tell me about all the varieties of crumpets available. I had once purchased a package of crumpets at the grocery store (after reading an English novel) and frankly, I was underwhelmed. I felt I would rather have a homemade scone from an old Surrogate Hostess recipe. But of course, I accepted the invitation rather than slave over a hot toaster in the morning.

Parking is hard to find; we were two blocks north on 22nd and with my bad knee, it was a slow hobble to the front door of the Bee. The Queen Bee is attached to Aegis, the assisted living facility at the corner of Madison and 23rd. The cane and the hobble identified us as possible residents of Aegis and we were greeted on both the to and fro trips with cheery greetings, asking how we were doing and other pleasantries. Even runners took time to welcome us! Sure beat our neighborhood for a welcoming atmosphere!