The Power of Organization

September 1, 2016

June 1, Leschi Community Council Meeting

Echoes of concern and motions to organize rang out from beginning to end at June’s Leschi Community Council meeting. The June 2 meeting comprised of an open discussion and lively Q&A with District 3 Seattle City Council representative, Kshama Sawant. Sawant, who is District 3’s (Leschi) City Council representative, was open to any and all questions and shed light on a plethora of important issues facing the community and the city of Seattle at large.


Common topics discussed included concerns of affordable housing, gentrification of Seattle neighborhoods, homelessness, non-operational Seattle Park wading pools, a citywide income tax, gun violence, the Jackson Street Red Apple closure and many more important matters facing our local community. Regarding all these pressing affairs, Sawant, encouraged members of the community to first and foremost get involved and more importantly, to organize. In order to be heard, neighbors need to continue to gather in even greater numbers as they do at monthly community meetings. She emphasized that building on small victories gained across the city is what eventually leads to progress and change.


The Leschi community and greater Seattle area face a number of issues and are at an interesting position where upcoming decisions will decide the future of the city. As an individual in attendance at this meeting, it was not only inspiring to hear members of the community speak up and rally around one another, but encouraging that if we, as a community come together for a common cause, with the help of Sawant and city legislatures, we can put wheels of change in motion. If there are matters that you are concerned about please attend or continue to attend the Leschi community council meetings and reach out to Sawant, our City Council representative, as she reiterated throughout the June meeting, amazing things can happen when people decide to organize.


~Caroline Emde


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May 24, 2020

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