Yearlong Disruption to Bus #27

June 1, 2016

We just received information that the Yesler Bridge will close May 23 for structural and seismic renovation. Repairs could take up to 16 months. Bus #27 will need to detour around the bridge for the duration.


Westbound - to Downtown Seattle:

  • Regular route to WB Yesler Way & 6 Ave

  • Left on SB 6 Av S

  • Right on WB S Main St

  • Right on NB 4 Av S

  • Continue on NB Prefontaine Pl S

  • Continue on 3rd Ave

  • Continue on regular route

The return trip has the #27 turning left from 3rd onto James heading eastward to 6th Ave S, where it will turn right and connect with Yesler where the freeway off-ramp connects. This should add to commute time, especially on the westbound downtown trip.


~Diane Snell


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May 24, 2020

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