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Executive Board meeting minutes

April 12, 2016—Attending: Janet Oliver, Amy Fink, Kim Murillo, Tracy Bier, Yousef Shulman, Jeff Floor, John Barber, Diane Morris and Diane Snell.

Flo Ware Park: Diane Morris reported for Christine Miller. The annual Flo Ware event will be held June 11 from 1-4. It will again be a collaboration with Leschi Elementary PTA.

Treasury: Kim submitted the treasurer’s report; only unusual expenses were the posters and flyers for the Powell Barnett celebration and the purchase of the awards for Leschi Stars.

Parks: John Barber urged everyone to attend the April 30 event at Powell Barnett. The fence around the exercise equipment has come down and folks are trying out their skills. Colman Park: following the presentation at our April meeting, John formed a committee to be involved in reviewing this project. He thinks that the Bigleaf Maple trees can be saved by saving the strongest trunk and cutting back the other sprouts. It was pointed out that the Olmsted brothers had viewed this area after a long period of heavy clear cutting to produce the wood that built Seattle. Marinas: Steve Wilson had brought up the fact that the North Marina had been a bequest with the stipulation that it be used only for sailing. That historical piece will be researched. Earth Day: planned for April 22 at Frink Park from 10am-1pm. Meet at caretaker’s cottage. There will be food!! Wading Pools: John and Diane S. have decided to bring in other communities on the wading pool issue. Madrona is on board as is Squire Park; question on whom to contact for Garfield CC. It was decided that John Stewart would be the appropriate person. TreePAC has an April 27 event to draw together like-minded groups to push for more effective tree protection regulations.

Stairway: Diane Morris is suggesting the Randolph stairs (from East Alder up to Terrace) for our May project. Moss has gathered.