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The Golden Wheat Bakery

The Golden Wheat Bakery, which straddles Leschi and Madrona near MLK, is a welcoming neighborhood gem, a colorful café filled with the scent of Vashon Island coffee (women-owned), freshly baked pastries, bread and now hot breakfast sandwiches. This morning, the folks at the next table were eating mouthwatering hot croissants filled with ham and cheese, and hot bagel sandwiches. There is also a complete lunch menu with soup, sandwiches and salad.

Owner, Angel Rocha, a friendly and talented baker originally from Mexico, produces everything from French croissants to challah, tamales, savory and sweet empanadas, biscotti, quiche—an international array of delicacies!

You can also order cakes, pies and tarts, or order an individual portion for pure indulgence. Really, I can’t say enough about this place, but you can Google them and find a number of reviews, YELP included, and all very positive reviews. What I like is that it is a real community café! Angel is celebrating his third anniversary in this space and wants to thank the communities of Leschi and Madrona for making his dream come true!

~Susan Roberts, Madrona resident

Editor’s Note: We thank Susan for writing a review of the bakery after 3 years in business. We published an early review in the Leschi News, when they were first getting started and folks were mainly dropping in for a carryout pastry. As Susan says, it is now a community café with its small tables filled with satisfied diners, whether it’s breakfast or lunch. I ordered the Chocolate Mousse cake for a large family get-together and it was deliciously moist and dense. My waitperson raved about the Tres Leche cake and I must go back for that delicacy, which is not all that easy to find here.

The Golden Wheat Bakery

2908 E Cherry 206.325.5055


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