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Meet the Moon

I have met the moon and it was a good experience. I had a breakfast meeting with our website guru, Allan, and we both enjoyed our breakfast entrees. Allan chose the Classic Breakfast and commented on how nicely spiced the sausage patty was. I fully indulged and ordered the Crispy French Toast, which was served with a healthy dose of black raspberries and an embarrassing dollop of whipped cream. I quickly spread the dollop over all the French toast so it didn’t look like I was eating my way though a whipped cream Mt. Rainier. It was delicious; the crispy toast held up nicely to the berries (no sogginess at all). I can’t resist berries in any form and these berries were delicately flavored with some kind of liqueur.

Our meeting lasted longer than our food, but our waitperson was very gracious. No one was waiting for a table. Service was excellent and although the décor is very modern with a black and chrome look, it still felt cozy. Both of us felt guilty about returning home empty-handed, so I took a huge chunk of sour cream coffee cake for my spouse and Allan took a blueberry muffin to his wife. Jim said he had planned to save half the chunk of coffee cake, but it was so good, he just kept eating.

The Classic Breakfast was $12 and the French toast was $14 (but it was breakfast and dessert combined!). I want to go back for lunch and for dinner; stay tuned.

Meet the Moon

120 Lakeside Ave., 206-707-9370

Hours vary–check website. No Reservations.

~Diane Snell

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