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Frink Park

This tract of wooded land was given to the city in 1907 by John M. Frink, a Washington State Senator, whose mansion is still located in Leschi at 31st & Jackson on the SW corner, an imposing home that looks east toward the park.

Frink Park is the antithesis of the many manicured city parks with broad walks for strolling. This is a heavily vegetated park with 3000 feet of hiking trails. It is essentially located in a ravine with a creek and small waterfall. Its 17.2 acres are diligently being returned to a place of native plants as volunteer work parties remove the invasive ivies and blackberries.

A group called Friends of Frink Park was formed in 1999 to work on the restoration of this park. The couple that spearheads this project are Darcy Thompson and Darrell Howe; they won a Denny Award for their achievements at the 2011 Denny Awards ceremony. Despite the magnitude of this project, they maintain their motto is one acre at a time.

This is the place to come if you want to hike in dense woods but still be in the city; this is not a place to stretch out on a grassy lawn and study the clouds above. This park is located at 388 Lake Washington Blvd. S, 98144. It borders the upper west end of Leschi Park. The upper portion of Frink Park is easily accessed by the #14 Metro bus.

Park Features

  • 17.2 Acres

  • Chief Leschi Trail

  • Nature Trails

  • Historic Bridge

  • Creek with Waterfall

  • Viewpoints


See it here: Google Maps

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