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Carol Lade at CarolMade

Thank you for the opportunity to promote my CarolMade shop in the Leschi News.

I have always done something crafty. At times I have quilted, done glass etching, made wreaths, knitted, crocheted and I have always gardened which I consider creative when I am designing my garden.

A number of years ago I needed some help in making a necklace for a pendant that a friend brought me from Asia. I got wonderful help from my local bead store and I couldn't help noticing the bracelets on the sales woman's arm. She was wearing a triple wrap bracelet and I fell in love with it. It was so me - a little hippie and definitely earthy. I was so excited when she told me that the store taught classes in making them.

(Braided wrap bracelet in the perfect color all year- turquoise. These beads are iridescent seed beads braided into gray cord. This bracelet is light weight, comfortable and closes with a silver button. $24, by Carol Lade)

I realized that I loved bracelets while bicycling through Europe in the 1970's when I was constantly looking at my wrists while on my bike. I needed something colorful to look at so I bought them because they were light weight, inexpensive and I could see them. Bracelets are what I love and I love making bracelets. My bracelets must be comfortable because I don't like anything tight or heavy on my wrists so that is what I create.

I get a great deal of peace and inspiration from nature. And ooh colors - I love so many color combinations. That must be obvious when you look at my shop at

The beads in my wrap bracelets are hand stitched three times through the cord. It takes me about 5 hours to make a wrap bracelet, but I love doing it. They range in price from $42-$50. The beads include natural gemstones and Czech glass beads and I close these bracelets with an interesting and coordinating button. I also make braided wrap bracelets using seed beads and these are $24.

My single wrap bracelets are also carefully stitched using the same gemstones and/or well made glass beads. They range from $15 to $30.

I have lately been making leather bracelets that close with an easy to operate magnetic clasp. I use a variety of leathers from Italian to vintage to suede in a variety of colors and they are decorated with antique silver or brass findings and colorful rings. These bracelets are custom fitted before I attach the clasp and they are priced at $24-$45.

Carol Lade at CarolMade

Phone: Home 206-524-7591, Cell 206-819-7241

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