February 24, 2020

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Carol Lade at CarolMade

January 1, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to promote my CarolMade shop in the Leschi News.


I have always done something crafty. At times I have quilted, done glass etching, made wreaths, knitted, crocheted and I have always gardened which I consider creative when I am designing my garden.


A number of years ago I needed some help in making a necklace for a pendant that a friend brought me from Asia. I got wonderful help from my local bead store and I couldn't help noticing the bracelets on the sales woman's arm. She was wearing a triple wrap bracelet and I fell in love with it. It was so me - a little hippie and definitely earthy. I was so excited when she told me that the store taught classes in making them.


(Braided wrap bracelet in the perfect color all year- turquoise. These beads are iridescent seed beads braided into gray cord. This bracelet is light weight, comfortable and closes with a silver button. $24, by Carol Lade)


I realized that I loved bracelets while bicycling through Europe in the 1970's when I was constantly looking at my wrists while on my bike. I needed something colorful to look at so I bought them because they were light weight, inexpensive and I could see them. Bracelets are what I love and I love making bracelets. My bracelets must be comfortable because I don't like anything tight or heavy on my wrists so that is what I create.


I get a great deal of peace and inspiration from nature. And ooh colors - I love so many color combinations. That must be obvious when you look at my shop at Etsy.com/shop/CarolMade.


The beads in my wrap bracelets are hand stitched three times through the cord. It takes me about 5 hours to make a wrap bracelet, but I love doing it. They range in price from $42-$50. The beads include natural gemstones and Czech glass beads and I close these bracelets with an interesting and coordinating button. I also make braided wrap bracelets using seed beads and these are $24.


My single wrap bracelets are also carefully stitched using the same gemstones and/or well made glass beads. They range from $15 to $30.


I have lately been making leather bracelets that close with an easy to operate magnetic clasp. I use a variety of leathers from Italian to vintage to suede in a variety of colors and they are decorated with antique silver or brass findings and colorful rings. These bracelets are custom fitted before I attach the clasp and they are priced at $24-$45.


Carol Lade at CarolMade

Phone: Home 206-524-7591, Cell 206-819-7241

Etsy: Etsy.com/shop/CarolMade


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